A Writing Guide to a College Essay on Police Physical Violence

A Writing Guide to a College Essay on Police Physical Violence

A police brutality essay describes a misconduct act by the police who applied an excessive force to a citizen. Such an assignment should be written with a description of the problem arising between citizens and police officers who might apply force.

The goal of an essay on police brutality is to highlight officers' obligations and what kind of acts the system suggests for people who commit crimes. The number of cruel cases of people being attacked, hurt, and even killed by officers is high, this is why this issue has to be discussed.

To create a high-quality paper, you should research the subject or outsource the job at WriteMypPaper4Me. Study examples of public incidents which caused health problems for innocent people in New York City and other big cities in the United States of America. Start your police brutality argumentative essay with the explanation of police assault and give examples from the history. Study what actions should an officer take and what kind of training should be provided in a police department to avoid cases of health violation and death.

How to Create an Assignment on Police Assault?

This is a complicated topic that includes human rights and rights of police officers. The news about unlawful acts of police forces causes a lot of complaints. More than a few thousands of New York and Los Angeles citizens complain about police applying physical violence and using firearms.

A good paper should contain reasons why law enforcement uses intended punishment. Some experts say that police abuse and violence is the project of the US government in order to have a full control over the society. Certain departments are to regulate it, but they don’t. Do you agree with it? Because public officials often talk about a terrorist threat, they say using force is a necessity. Study the question of police behavior with a suspect, especially if he isn’t white.

Review some famous acts of police cruelty in the history and explain them in your own words. Use facts and support them with information from books or interviews. Refer to the law when talking about civil rights. Discuss the situations which included excessive police force and try to find an explanation for such acts. The use of social media will make your project more competitive.

Writing a Police Brutality Research Paper Step-by-step

A successful paper should include an introduction, the body, and conclusion parts. Review the outline example that will help you to create a winning police brutality essay:

The introduction. Start your paper with numbers. Give police brutality evidence you can find on the Internet or in books. It will help you to underline the importance of the topic. Use reported statistics of police brutality.

Americans are not satisfied with the rude cops’ behavior and physical power use. The number of claims from Americans reaches over $346 million. Due to the actions that were not taken to stop brutality in terms of racial profiling, many individuals feel anger and release it toward the government. In the last times, people come to the streets of their cities, march and protest against police brutality hoping to change the rules.

How to Write the Body Part of the Paper?

The body. Refer to the facts from the history that changed people's opinion about the police brutality. Start the police brutality essay body part by telling that police brutality problems have been documented back in the 1950s. The officers were involved in drug trafficking since the 1990s. There was the so-called “internal market” where cops could buy ranks. This is another evidence of police corruption that has not been solved yet. It’s something like legal crime network.

In the main body of your paper, you can refer to the event happened on August 9, 2014, in Ferguson. The police shot a young black guy Michael Brown. A jury of 12 members justified the officer. A year later, another officer killed a 13-year-old boy playing with his plastic toy AK-47 in Santa Rosa. A few years before, a violent act took place in Cleveland. A 12-year-old was killed because of a toy gun. The statistics show that such racial crime events happen often even in the modern history. Mention each fact that can be considered a proof of your statement.

Unfortunately, according to the American legislation, such behavior is completely justified. Mention one of the biggest violence cases including Rodney King, an American taxi-driver, who was beaten by 5 local officers during his arrest for speeding in 1991. Even at that time, only 4 out of 5 policemen were brought to court. In all the above-mentioned events, all the victims were African-American.

How Should a Conclusion Part of the Paper Look?

The conclusion. The last paragraph of your paper on police cruelty should summarize the facts and offer the solution to the problem. You can offer a list of ways to dismantle racism and prevent police brutality:

  1. Understand that race can never be a reason for criminal behavior – the police cannot identify terrorists by race, the race does not matter.
  2. Determine whether any policy, or law, or guideline has bad results for black people.
  3. Follow the communities that help to expose racism.

The major reason why such situations continue to happen is police irresponsibility. The policemen were indicted for beating, using electric shocks, demanding of bribes and sex. If a cop was fired because of abuse of the law, he can get a new job in another police station. The management always defends any guilty policemen reports.

A lot of accidents in the killing of black people is not a new phenomenon, therefore, only the society can improve the situation. Suggest how the media's role can affect the way policemen serve people. Luckily, the incidents of police brutality are decreasing.

In some cities like Kansas, the rate is low. In some cities, a big number of claims bring the desired result. While the topic is discussed by a minority, the society should not expect better changes. Repeated offenses should be exposed to the due process. Discuss how police assessment procedures might change today to eliminate any negative influence and gain people's trust.

Topics on Police Brutality You Can Use for Your College Paper

  • Sexual violence by a police officer.
  • The reasons why justice for victims of police brutality still has not been established.
  • Criminal law reform: police abusing the force.
  • Forms of police misbehavior.
  • Community against the police brutality organization.
  • Treatment of African-Americans criminals by law enforcement.
  • War on drugs policing and police brutality.
  • Police violence and debate over weapons control.
  • Justice systems and law enforcement across the nation.
  • Should police officers be held accountable?

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