What Is an Illustration Essay? Facts, Tips, and Examples

What Is an Illustration Essay? Facts, Tips, and Examples

Writing an essay is a complicated task. It is considered one of the toughest academic assignments. Why? There are many reasons, you know. The first one is the widest variety of essay kinds and forms. Each one implies own rules & tricks. Today we will take a look at an illustration essay paper. What do you need to prepare for it, what is an illustration essay, how can you avoid mistakes & underwater stones? Answers to these questions, explanations, examples & many interesting things are waiting for you in this article.

What is an Illustration Essay: A Brief Definition

A reader can say: ‘Wait, I have never heard of any illustration essays. Is it related to the explanatory one?’ Yes, partially. Under the illustrative essay, we have to understand a paper where a particular subject, happening or situation is described through the use of evidence. Take a look at the definition of the verb ‘to illustrate’ – to explain that something is clear or exists by providing examples, charts, etc. or to serve as an example of something.

We can tell, that an illustration essay is an academic paper that provides its thesis statement with understandable proofs (of any origin: facts, scientific research, real experience, etc.). Our definition gives us the next steps to perform: find out a thesis statement and build a paper. Like any other complicated thing, if you know its definition, you know what is an illustration essay and how to write it.

The Main Distinctive Features of the Illustration Essay

The following list will help you to understand what does illustrate mean in an essay, what points you need to put in it & what your strongest abilities to use are:

  • In an illustration essay, you have to operate with evidence. Try to use any kinds of them. Produce the minimal number of your own ideas and concepts, as you will not use them to support your thesis statement. You aim is to prove something, so do it properly! Never use anything you cannot create, show or prove.
  • It is important to follow the strict structure of an illustration essay: evidence by evidence. Do not mix facts. A reader has to make a clear conclusion in the end and think: oh, yes, now I see the author is right – the subject really exists.
  • An illustration essay, in a nutshell, is a summarized gathering of the already existing facts. Treat it in this manner & do not make your life more complicated this time.
  • A thesis statement of this type of an essay is aimed to show why you think the happening exists and how you will prove it. Take a look: ‘Global warming is not a myth. Thousands of researches on air pollution & heavy industry statistics show that global warming is caused by human existence’ This thesis statement shows that you are going to prove the facts about the origins of global warming.
  • Remember, the strict limitation to your creativity does not mean you cannot provide rhetorical tricks in the essay. Guide a reader from the weakest evidence to the strongest one. Give a real personal experience example from your life.

These tips will help you to understand this paper better & you will not have problems with writing.

How to Write an Illustration Essay: Picking a Proper Topic

Obviously, this kind of essay will not do well with traditional materials for academic writing. You will hardly find this assignment in human sciences & other same types of classes as well. Imagine, how would you prove that such a concept as love exists? Our first advice is here: never apply this paper to abstract concepts & ideas. Otherwise, you will get along philosophy script no one wants to read. Try to prove something you can see, touch, measure, etc.

If a writer decided to write an illustrative essay about a book, he or she has to have proper knowledge. This is possible, but you have to point out your thesis statement & topic in a way everyone understands you. Do not try to write about the main characters, their motivation, etc. They refer to the subjective perception, & you will have many problems with it.

However, if you are going to look at the problem from a literary criticism side in your essay, everything will work. Agree, that it is easier to prove that William Shakespeare used a lot of references to ancient Greek mythology in his dramas than proving Hamlet’s innocence in Ophelia’s death.

Try to pick a topic that you will be able to prove within the word limit of your illustration paper. The main trick of every academic paper: never leave anything unfinished. Even if your paper is lousy and has just little complete evidence, it will look better than a 100-word paper about antimatter with 0 absolutely clear facts.

The topic of your essay should reflect your reasons to write a paper. A good move for an illustration essay is asking a question or giving a fact. Here is a small list of topics for you:

  1. Global Warming: A Catastrophe Caused by People That Changes the World Order
  2. Why Is a Black-Footed Cat Considered the Deadliest Hunter?
  3. Is Pain a Protective Reflex of Our Body?
  4. Vaccinations Are Safe. Evidence & Profs
  5. Does Independent Artificial Intelligence Exist?


Yes, many people still do not understand how to write an illustration essay and even how to define it. Many students are still confused.  It remains a complicated question, as writing is not an exact action. Everywhere we can see deviations. However, confidence comes only to those who act.

Do not hesitate, take a pen & start writing. Keep out tips by your hands, follow all recommendations, use examples from the Internet & you will succeed in your essay composing. If it is a real struggle for you to write an essay, you can always find a good essay writing service on the Internet & complete your assignment with some professional assistance.