How to Write a Perfect Exploratory Essay

How to Write a Perfect Exploratory Essay

When people study they face lots of difficulties. Some of them are related to the issue of accommodation to new conditions of life, meeting new people, etc. However, the greatest academic challenge is to write different types of essays. They all are different and each essay type has its own objectives. One such is an exploratory essay. This is a rather interesting and a bit challenging assignment.

If you wish to know how to accomplish a definite essay perfectly, you should begin with its definition. If you learn its meaning, you’ll understand how to handle it properly. So, what is an exploratory essay? The main goal of this essay is to express an objective viewpoint. The tone is supposed to be neutral and fair. In comparison to some other essays, this one requires the deep evaluation and research of the major problem in more than one source. You should investigate the issue and expose it from different angles to make the reader understand your view. It’s not obligatorily to solve your problem.

An exploratory essay is targeted at various audiences and/or groups of people. These are interested in certain issues, which they wish to understand. Therefore, you ought to conduct an in-depth research on your essay and provide clear and objective outcomes.

It’s necessary to underline that there are commonly two sides of any aspect. Oftentimes, students use a debate in the form of opposition. They oppose the studied subject from two different angles to reveal their qualities in full. Of course, your point of view should be more convincing and explain why it’s correct. Don’t be subjective in your work. Even if you wish to support your own belief, do it without emotions and use the approved and convincing evidence.

Essential Instructions and Recommendations

In order to succeed with this particular exploratory writing, you should figure out how to make it in the right way. There are a few tips we wish to share with you. Learn the following exploratory essay recommendations:

  • Decide on the topic.
  • Find the evidence.
  • Create an outline.
  • Write the initial draft.
  • Rewrite the draft.
  • Revise and submit.

Everything begins with the choice of your exploratory essay topic. This isn’t an easy task. Many students fail miserably. They lack some effective ideas and choose uninteresting themes. They cover boring themes, which carry no actual value. You should always put questions to your topic and select the one, which is relevant and helpful.

Remember that an appropriate theme is always unsolved and important for a certain group of people. However, use the one, which is likewise interesting for you. This will make you more enthusiastic about the problem.

Find the support for your argument. You should cover a definite event, accident, behavior of people, etc. This demands to operate with the concrete facts. Your research must rely on the approved official information.

After you clarify your direction and find the appropriate data, make a plan. It should include all writing and after-writing phases. These are the introduction, main body, conclusion, reference list, and revision. You should carefully complete each point. Your draft may be messed up with whatever ideas you have. In the end, you’ll refine it and leave only the most effective concepts.

It’s of great importance to reread your paper. You’ll make some mistakes. These may be grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes, as well as the inappropriate language and writing style. Proofread and edit your project to avoid the loss of grades.

How to Write an Outline

The success of academic writing is likewise dependent on the effective plan. You’ll need an appropriate essay outline to put the things together correctly. When the procedures of exploratory essay topic selection and gathering information are over,  think how to compose the main paragraphs of your project. We’ll help you with our own suggestion. Please, consider the following exploratory essay outline:

  • Introduction of the main idea.
    1. Say what you knew and wish to learn about the topic.
    2. State a thesis.
  • Main body.
    1. Show what information you found, how and why.
    2. Develop the main argument.
    3. Tell what you’ve learned from the research.
  • Conclusion.
    1. Tell how researchable your project was.
    2. Give a brief summary.

It’s also effective to review an example. Let’s imagine that your topic is called “The Problem of Racism in the United States of America.” We’ll clarify some essential spots.

Give the general facts on the main question. Grab the attention of your readers with approved and convincing statistics. Afterward, mention the thesis statement. Tell how acute the question of racism is. Show the historical evidence. Claim you main issue.

Afterward, implement sub-questions. Make sure they are supported by the effective proofs. There are lots of examples when Afro-Americans were oppressed. Show the outcomes. Analyze this issue in other parts of the world. Define the main reasons why such accidents took place.

Your conclusion should answer the main question. This is a short explanation of the outcomes you’ve received on the basis of your research. Your conclusions must be logical and directly connected to the theme of your paper. It should be laconic - one page is enough.

Seek some other exploratory essay examples. Create a rich basis of good samples. This will help to succeed in your exploratory assignment.

Good Topics for an Exploratory Essay

It’s utterly important to cover relevant themes. Sarah is one of our most successful authors and she has some prompts for you “What makes a good essay topic? Find a captivating and acute issue, formulate the hypothesis, define the main idea and disclose it. Use the proven data and a logically structured plan. Mind the grammar rules of the English language. These are the success clues.”

Here are several exploratory essay topics:

  1. How does divorce affect children?
  2. Can alternative sources of power secure our safety?
  3. Can the human DNA be improved?
  4. The importance of ethics in the workplace.
  5. How to overcome gender inequality?

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